A Residential Haunting

Original house plans

It started with a ghost story, but maybe a hint of sleep deprivation furthered the plot. My son was about 4 months old, sleeping away up in his nursery for one of his all-too-short daytime naps. I was in the kitchen, making a cup of tea, as you do on a chilly spring day in … Continue reading

The Buzz of Berlin

After a recent trip to Berlin, I asked myself why I haven’t yet written an entry about the great German capitol, which has become a modern explosion of art, culture and expression. After all, I did live there from 2008-2009, and I’ve been back at least once a year since – sometimes twice. By now, … Continue reading

An Old Soldier’s Perspective: My Dad and Vietnam

We’re all familiar with the Vietnam War in some sense, whether it’s the impact it had on US culture – bringing in the age of young activism – or its legacy for what not to do in military decisions. A long, costly “conflict” that saw the communist regime of North Vietnam and its allies from … Continue reading

Surrendering in Jordan

Vintage Bodhi has a guest blogger this month – Jessica Engler, an American ex-pat likewise living in England who is equally passionate about travelling, finding meaning and a good glass of wine coupled with a good view. (Some photos courtesy of Paul Davis.) “Each man’s destiny is personal only insofar as it may happen to … Continue reading

Insignificant on Santorini

“Nature’s first green is gold / Her hardest hue to hold. / Her early leafs a flower; / But only so an hour. / Then leaf subsides to leaf. / So Eden sank to grief, / So dawn goes down to day. / Nothing gold can stay.” -Robert Frost I remember feeling small as I entered the covered ruins of Akrotiri. The ancient … Continue reading

Ambling Through Athens

“Every activity in itself is neither right nor wrong. Take our present activity: we could be drinking or singing or discussing. None of these is right in itself; the character of the activity depends on the way it is done. If it is done rightly and properly, it is right; if it is not done … Continue reading

Stonehenge: Hinging on History

“Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind.” –Kansas As a lover of the past, I sometimes allow myself to wonder what future generations will think when they look back on us. I wonder if they’ll define us by our pop music, our fashions or (eek) our politics. But usually when I … Continue reading

Humbled in Yosemite

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” -John Muir When I say I’m an adamant city-dweller, I know I say it with some defiance. Having grown up in Nebraska, a state in the US that can sometimes … Continue reading

Psychogeography: Old Passages and New Tales

There’s something about walking along old streets. The uneven cobble stones beneath your feet force you to think about what kind of person or which type of animal trotted along those very stones one, two, maybe even five hundred years ago. Then there are the old buildings that become your companions as you stroll along, … Continue reading

Hiding in Plain Sight: Brighton Station

Travelling is a strong theme woven throughout vintage bodhi. Whether it involves travelling back to the past through some interesting artifact or taking a journey to a new locale in order to see how there differs from here, exploration is a conduit to knowing what we are by identifying elements of ourselves in something different. … Continue reading