Psychogeography: Old Passages and New Tales

There’s something about walking along old streets. The uneven cobble stones beneath your feet force you to think about what kind of person or which type of animal trotted along those very stones one, two, maybe even five hundred years ago. Then there are the old buildings that become your companions as you stroll along, … Continue reading

Puttin’ on the Blitz

If I’m to be totally honest, the 1940s have never been my favourite slice of the past. The excess of the 1920s, with all the sequins, beads and intrigue? That is definitely something that strikes my fancy. The austerity of the war years, with rations on everything from sugar and alcohol to nylons and zippers, … Continue reading

Hiding in Plain Sight: Brighton Station

Travelling is a strong theme woven throughout vintage bodhi. Whether it involves travelling back to the past through some interesting artifact or taking a journey to a new locale in order to see how there differs from here, exploration is a conduit to knowing what we are by identifying elements of ourselves in something different. … Continue reading

Mapping the Past

This week I’ve been thinking about why old maps hold such a fascination for me. Any time I see one aged 50 years or more, I have to stop in my tracks and stare at it for at least a few moments. This inevitably results in an annoyed husband looking at his watch, but there’s … Continue reading

Brighton Vintage Wedding Fair

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This checklist is a “must” for many brides-to-be, and for me, the trickiest one to nail down was the “something blue”.  I ultimately scrapped this checklist in the end, opting for a simple beach wedding sans something blue. Though I suppose you could count the Hawaiian … Continue reading


For me, the concept of the present is inextricably linked with the past. I fancy myself a goal-oriented person, always thinking about where I’m going, but I certainly wouldn’t say I’m wrapped up in the future. I’m definitely plagued by a sense of nostalgia. Old buildings, vintage clothes and outdated books are my treasures. And … Continue reading

“Something Old” Fair

Join us on the 3rd of March in Brighton, UK, as we comb through vintage “I dos” at the Corn Exchange. For more details, visit the website: We hope to see you there!